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Hard water is a problem for many people in Arizona. Fortunately, there are two methods of making water softer: Water softeners and water conditioners. Water softeners work to remove calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. Water conditioners reduce the chlorine and chloramines in municipal water and eliminate the iron and hydrogen sulfide in well water. 

At Howard Family Plumbing, we make sure homeowners have access to quality water whenever they need it. Our Mesa water softener and conditioner specialists are ready to help our customers select the products that work best for their needs and budget. We also perform flawless installations, making sure units are set up correctly and prepared for smooth operation for years to come.   

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The Difference Between Water Softeners & Water Conditioners 

Anyone looking for solutions for their hard water problem will come across two key terms: Water conditioning and water softening. While these two products have a similar aim — to make water softer — there is a difference between them. Knowing the distinguishing features of each is important when choosing which system to install. A lack of proper knowledge may land people with a water treatment unit that doesn’t meet their needs. 

How Water Softeners Get Rid of Hard Water Particles 

When the term “hard water” is used, what does it actually mean? This phrase refers to water that is filled with tiny particles of different minerals. Substances like calcium or magnesium carbonate are harmful to plumbing fixtures and need to be removed. To accomplish this, a softener gets rid of these contaminants utilizing something called “ion exchange.” Little beads carrying sodium ions within the tank are designed to come in contact with the undesirable minerals. The soft sodium ions switch places, making the water much safer as it runs through pipes and taps. Finally, after the resin beads have absorbed all the hard ions, the softener is regenerated. A brine tank makes it possible to renew the resin with fresh sodium. 

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Water Conditioners Change the Chemistry of Hard Water Particles 

Although water conditioners also attack hard particles in a potable supply, they use a different method than water softeners do. Instead of getting rid of carbonates, they actually transform the integral structure of unwanted particles.

There are multiple types of water conditioners, but two of the most common include: 

  • Electrochemical water conditioners: This tactic uses negatively charged electrodes to act like a magnet. Because they have a positive charge, elements of the mineral particles are drawn to the negative charges and removed, which changes the mineral’s properties.
  • Precipitation via electrical current: Precipitation means that certain substances are transformed into another form. In this conditioner, an electrical current is directed at the undesirable compounds. This creates a precipitate that collects on an electrode, which then can be cleaned periodically. 

If you want your fixtures and appliances to last longer, trust Howard Family Plumbing for water softener and conditioner services in Mesa. We install water treatment systems from Ultima, a trusted brand. 

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